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Customizing Applet Web Templates

Siebel UX – Web Templates Web Template is the HTML design-time representation of a Siebel page, each control has a unique item identifier & other HTML attributes that can be manipulated using CSS. For any Siebel UX project, 60-80% of the work is best done on the server side, with the remaining on the client side via JavaScript and CSS. Web Template design and development is one of the most important aspects of any Siebel UX initiative as it defines the structural elements that is the foundation for the final rendering in the UI. Good web template design should consider Responsive App requirements and allow for fluidity in the UI design. The resulting HTML is consumed by the Siebel Web Engine when it displays Siebel UI Objects in the browser. Let’s take an example of an Applet form template. Web Template of type Applet Form defines the layout for the fields and controls in a Form applet. It specifies how to format elements in an applet. Now let's see how to design the custom web

Import Data into Siebel via CSV file

  Siebel Tidbits - Import Data into Siebel using a CSV file Starting this month, we will blog about small requirements that can be easily achieved with Siebel and provide details on how to achieve it. To start off, there was a small requirement for a customer to provide an import option in Siebel to import data on a daily basis into Siebel using a CSV file. Requirement:   Create a button on Siebel application screen/view that provides an option to browse a csv file and import data into Siebel maintaining referential integrity Solution: The following approach can be taken to achieve this requirement: Configuration: Business Service: Create a Business Service which takes input as a file name and ensure that Business Service method argument is 'FileName'. Create the business service method such that given a filename (csv file), the method does the required processing of reading from the file and writing to the required Business Component, e.g., Contact Base Applet:  Create a butto