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Siebel 20.10 Update

  Siebel 20.10 Update  Continuing the monthly updates release model, Siebel CRM team released 20.10 last week. On first glance at the update notes from Oracle, the update didn't appear to have any new features except for certification of Linux version 8 and quite a few bug fixes. On closer look at the various documentation guides, it dawned on us that there were quite a few enhancements released by Siebel CRM team. These should have been called out in the update guide as these are some key enhancements that will help customers. So let's take a look at what these enhancements are: Siebel Migration Enhancements As of Siebel 20.10, Siebel has removed the requirement of direct database connectivity for migration application. That essentially means: Removal of dependency on JDBC  Removal of network dependency -  Thereby also eliminating any requirement that both migration app and Siebel database be in the same internet zone or require port to be open between two zones The removal of