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Siebel Workflow Process with Workspaces - Parallel Development & Deployment (20.7 and later)

Siebel 20.7 New Feature - Parallel Development/Deployment of Workflows Continuing the monthly updates release model, Siebel CRM team released 20.7 earlier this week but is available as Controlled Availability (CA) release. CA release means customers would have to request access to download this release via support request. As part of this update, Siebel has moved Workflows to use workspaces completely, both for Design time as well as for Run time. This is a significant and much needed feature that helps make parallel development for Siebel much more seamless and agile. In summary, Workflow processes can be developed, tested, delivered and migrated to higher environments like any other repository objects e.g., Applets, Views, Business Components etc. This blog provides a detailed overview of the feature with its stated benefits. Feature Details & Benefits Parallel Development/Deployment of Workflows is part of a new framework for management of workflow processes. This app