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Dymensions, Inc awarded the Airtel Agility Leader award at Confluence 2019

Bharti Airtel honors Dymensions, Inc with Airtel Agility Leader Award - Confluence 2019 Every year at its annual partners conference called Confluence, Bharti Airtel expresses its gratitude to all the partners and their employees for their substantial contributions and support that made brand Airtel. It's a showcase event to applaud all the extraordinary partners who've helped Airtel become competitive and nimble, who've helped them deliver their products to the market faster and who've helped Airtel win over the preceding year. This conference brings partners from across the globe to reflect on the year's joint achievements and to discuss Airtel's current ambitions and strategic priorities for the future with the Airtel leadership team. This year, Dymensions, Inc was honored with the "Airtel Agility Leader" award at Airtel's annual global partner conference. Bharti Airtel presents this award as "applauding the extraordinary", recogn