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Achieve Extreme Agility with upgrades to Siebel 17.x/18.x

Achieve Extreme Agility with upgrades to Siebel 17.x/18.x Siebel CRM has been releasing innovation on a yearly basis since 2012 and with every new innovation pack, new features have been released that have greatly benefited the plethora of customers that use Siebel to solve their business needs. In the long history of Siebel, release of Open UI back in IP2013 was considered a transformational release of sorts as it changed Siebel in way that allowed it to be used like a true modern web standards based CRM application. In keeping up with the trend of releasing transformational features, Siebel IP2017 came along that was focused on achieving business agility for customers. It is probably the biggest and by far the boldest Siebel release since 2013. Siebel 17.x/18.x has been packed with a number of features targeted at positively impacting Business Agility.  It endeavors to provide customers with the tools to operate Siebel at a lower cost than ever before, and challenge cus