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CHEF for Automated Siebel Deployment

The most successful organizations are those that can outperform their competition in metrics of agility, risk and efficiency. The journey of achieving efficiency in deployment via automation is a continuous one. Chef is a powerful automation software tool that allows you to define your infrastructure as code to ensure that configurations are applied consistently in every environment, at any scale. It is a leader in continuous automation software and one of the pioneers in development operations. Whether you’re operating in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment, Chef automates how infrastructure is configured, deployed, and managed across your network, no matter its size.  Siebel software deployment requires significant OS level prerequisites to be met prior to installation. This makes using a Virtual Machine as-is for Siebel deployment complex. Chef is a versatile devops tool that can seamlessly take care of all what you need to have a healthy and reliable environment

Load ‘em up, Siebel Docker containers are here

The most recent release of Siebel IP2017 comes packed with features like Workspaces for parallel development, Siebel Management Console, Unified Application Interface running in standard Java based web servers, Runtime Repository, many more. These features collectively are moving Siebel to be cloud-ready and also lowering the total cost of ownership. At Dymensions, we are committed to furthering this goal by offering solutions that enable Siebel customers to deploy business process enhancements to production frequently, and stay ahead of the rapidly changing business landscape. We are focussed on the simplification & automation of the last mile configuration that customers typically do to take a packaged product to production. Siebel Docker containers enable rapid deployments that unleashes the true potential of Siebel Innovation Pack 2017 and take full advantage of its cloud ready capabilities. Implemented correctly, Siebel application stack running as docker containers can c


We realize your Siebel implementation solves multi-dimensional business requirements and is at the heart of your customer experience strategy. We are leveraging Siebel's business agility focussed features in IP2017/18 to deliver a comprehensive solution to further simplify and reduce the cost of Siebel DevOps. CI/CD FOR SIEBEL IP2017/18 End to end continuous integration of configuration & delivery to downstream systems Monitoring & alerting of application usage, performance, stability & automated deployment This short video demonstrates the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery Solution for Siebel IP2017, built by Dymensions. For more details or information, contact us at